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Mercedes-Benz South Africa – East London Daimler Plant

Mercedes-Benz South Africa – East London Daimler Plant which is situated in East London is part of a global production network for the Mercedes C-Class model. The plant is a major contributor to not just the local economy of East London but to the national fiscus.

On Friday the 2nd of June 2023, the MaxProf East London branch employees visited the Mercedes-Benz plant in East London for a site tour and to learn more about the manufacturing of the Mercedes Benz C-Class vehicles.

The plant on the Eastern Cape of South Africa produces the C-Class Saloon for export to left and right-hand drive markets. Since the commencement of the production of the current C-Class in May 2014, there is already a fourth-generation vehicle of the highest-volume Mercedes-Benz model series produced in East London.

In 2018 Mercedes announced a R10 billion investment to expand the Eastern Cape plant in East London which saw the car manufacturer produce its latest range of the luxury C-Class cars.

The investment indicated the commitment to South Africa and efforts to revive economic growth as well as the socio-economic development of the East London region. The investment came with skills development, training, contracts for small businesses as suppliers, and jobs for local people.

At a national level, President Ramaphosa, who also once visited the Mercedes-Benz Learning Academy prior to the official investment announcement, praised the automotive group’s efforts improving the skills of the youth through its apprenticeship and learnership programmes. “We say this is an investment in people because it deepens the commitment that Mercedes-Benz has to developing skills and nurturing talent”, once said Ramaphosa.

MaxProf Regional Manager, Cedric Mataka, indicated that they had a great tour of the plant where they were taken through the manufacturing process of the C-Class from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process. The plant operates for 24 hours daily and has a capacity of manufacturing 25 cars per hour. They had a target of 520 cars within 24 hours made up of 3 shifts. They experienced the use of robotics in the process which uses auto motive and high-resolution technology in the manufacturing of cars.

“We learnt that alone we can do so little but together we can do so much” Cedric expressed, as each and everyone in the plant has an important role to play and should there be a major problem at one point of production, the whole production line stops, and it affects the meeting of targets and revenue.

The highlight of the day was the great attention to detail, high quality assurance standards and perfection displayed throughout the production line. The maintenance of a desired level of quality in the product, especially the accuracy at every stage of the process of production is something we took cognisance of, and were reminded to apply to our day-to-day auditing process here at MaxProf.

Python Park East London

Snakes play a vital role in keeping unwanted guests such as mice away from the house but very few human beings want to get closer to them as they are believed to be dangerous.  On Friday, 2 June 2023, the MaxProf East London branch in the Eastern Cape decided to be brave and interact them. They visited the Python Park which is situated about 20km outside East London on the N6 towards Stutterheim.

Python Park has undergone some expansion and has become one of East London’s feature attractions.  Boasting a beautiful country Wedding & Function Venue, a World Class Snake Park, a beautiful 9-hole mashie golf course on a dam and not one but two eateries, Python Park has it all. They did not only see pythons but a wide range of reptiles ranging from various snakes to crocodiles and alligators.

They came across the world’s biggest constrictors and most venomous snakes that are imported from different parts of the world. The black mamba, king cobra, gaboon viper and the taipan just to mention a few, were part of the experience. The team learned about how the poison of each snake bite attacks the body of its prey and how much time a human being has between the bite and introducing the antivenom in order to survive. It is unfortunate to learn that the chances of surviving a taipan bite are close to zero even if treatment is attempted.


The team closed the day with a 9-hole game of golf.

If you are looking for fun, the Caddy Shack Mashie Golf Course & Club House situated on the dam also at Python Park is the place to be.  They hired a golf cart and cruised the 9-hole mashie golf course spread over the gently undulating Eastern Cape hillside. All the holes in the Mashie Golf Course are par 3 which were quick and fun to play.

The team had the courage to face their fears, which means that they can overcome any challenge that may come across at the office. The water hazards humbled the Regional Manager as he lost the most golf balls on the day, while Viwe came up tops on the day with a few pars and one birdie.

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