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MaxProf's Role in Revenue Enhancement for Gauteng Province
Explore MaxProf's VAT and Tax Optimisation Specialist services showcased at the CFO Roundtable event,...
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Understanding Individual Tax Auto Assessments by SARS
The South African Revenue Service auto assessment process has been introduced to simplify tax return...
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VAT Implications for Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs)
Introduction In the context of South African non-profit organizations, comprehending VAT implications...
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Value-Added Tax Implications on Municipal Entities
Given the various legislative duties and responsibilities that Municipalities bear, responsibilities...
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Tax Implications on Purchased Property
It is very important to note that when purchasing a property, all the right questions must be asked....
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The Financial Impact of VAT Legislation on South African Water Boards
South Africa, a water-scarce country, faces mounting challenges in ensuring access to clean water and...
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When And How to Claim Input VAT On Short-Term Insurance Payments
In terms of the Value-Added Tax Act 89 of 1991, Tax Administration Act 28 of 2011, Short-Term Insurance...
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Domestic Reverse Charge Relating to Valuable Metal
A VAT Domestic Reverse Charge (DRC) on valuable metal was introduced in the Regulations on 08 June 2022,...
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VAT On Intercompany Transactions
by Bongani Makgoba, MaxProf Auditor Business growth over many years has involved one company purchasing...
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