VAT Training

Training & Transfer Of Skills

MaxProf presents the following skills transfer and training to nominated delegates of the Client at no cost to the Client. The training comprises of theoretical and practical components. The theoretical component comprise of a 1-day workshop, unless the specific need of the Client determines additional and/or specific training. The practical component is done on an on-going basis whilst MaxProf is contracted to the Client (delegates of the Client receive “on the job training”). Training is presented on the following:

  • –  VAT workshop, including Section 20 of the VAT Act (valid tax invoices)\
  • –  SARS eFiling

On completion of training, all attendees receive a participation certificate.

· Statutory regulations; · Key definitions; · Application of VAT in Municipalities; · VAT reconciliation process; · Types of Supplies; · SARS compliance and consequences of Non-compliance; · Tax Practitioners; · SARS eFiling