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VAT and PAYE treatment of non-executive directors
There has been a longstanding debate on whether a non-executive director (NED) should have PAYE (employees’...
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Deferring Payment of Outstanding Tax Liabilities
Most businesses in South Africa have been dealing with financial difficulties. The economy has been lacking...
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Understanding Zero-Rating for Indirect Exports
Company A (VAT vendor in SA), a mining supplies company, supplies coal to Company B (VAT vendor in SA)....
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Combatting Load-Shedding through SARS Tax Incentives
In the advent of unprecedented stages of load-shedding, most businesses and households have resorted...
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VAT on Indemnity Payments  
It is imperative for VAT vendors to distinguish between a trade payment and an indemnity payment as the...
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Value-Added Tax: Dwelling vs Commercial Accommodation
In terms of the Value-Added Tax Act, the supply of residential accommodation can be seen as a “dwelling”...
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VAT implications on goods imported to South Africa
Importation of goods to South Africa In today’s world, many businesses seek to diversify their product...
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Principal vs Agent
As auditors, we come across a wide variety of expenses, projects, and agreements between numerous parties....
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VAT on Second-hand goods
A VAT Vendor can claim an Input tax deduction on Second-hand goods purchased from a Non-Registered Vendor.   What...
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media and events

Our Events

MaxProf Balls Day
At MaxProf we believe that “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. Every so often we take “time-out”...
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MaxProf's Annual Awards' Ceremony and Family Day
MaxProf truly values its employees and we have never hesitated to show appreciation and gratitude for...
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MaxProf Always Works Together as a Team
At MaxProf the aim is always to get the job done, no matter what the challenge. Here there is no such...
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NOCCI Golf Day
Click here to view photos of the Nocci golf day.
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Miss Universe South Africa’s Entrepreneurship Project | #DestinyDesigned Sponsored by MaxProf
When MaxProf and Natasha Joubert decided to partner up on the #DestinyDesigned project, it seemed like...
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MaxProf Supports Centres For Victims Of Gender Based Violence
Nelson Mandela International Day is an annual international day in honour of Nelson Mandela, celebrated...
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Education in a time of COVID-19
June 16, National Youth Day When President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that schools were to re-open on...
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Maximum Profit Recovery Public Sector Visionary Award
The Black Business Quarterly (BBQ) hosts an annual awards ceremony aimed at identifying and recognizing...
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