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In the mosaic of South Africa’s local economies, each region requires bespoke interventions to nurture its distinct characteristics. The Eastern Cape, the nation’s second-largest province, encompasses the expansive Amathole District Municipality (DM). This three-way partnership is driving transformative change, which is particularly vital amidst the challenges facing the region. ‘EST-Sourcing and MaxProf Distribute Bursaries in Amathole District Municipality’. Therefore Empowering education and shaping the destinies of students across this community, bridging gaps and fostering opportunities for growth.

MaxProf and EST-Sourcing  Support Education Empowerment in Amathole District Municipality

Our country comprises of multiple local and regional economies, each with its unique characteristics. Each needing to be nurtured with a unique set of interventions. The Eastern Cape is the second-largest province in South Africa by surface area and has the third-largest population.  Within the expansive regions of the Amathole DM, spanning 21,114km2, recipients of MaxProf’s bursaries are situated across the vast region namely iDutywa, Elliotdale, and Butterworth. This necessitates provision for accommodation and tuition as students often commute long distances from their homes to tertiary institutions, sometimes even studying outside the district to pursue their preferred courses.

The Eastern Cape stands as one of South Africa’s most impoverished provinces, covering substantial areas of the nation’s former homelands. Given the challenging conditions within the Amathole DM, the efforts of EST-Sourcing and MaxProf are now more crucial than ever in shaping the future of the province’s inhabitants.

The Bursary Handover

On April 15, 2024, the companies visited the municipality and had the privilege of meeting with the Executive Mayor Cllr Anele Ntsangani, who graciously accepted an invite to be interviewed with regard to the bursaries MaxProf has offered for the 2024 academic year, totalling R174 000. Identified in 2024, four deserving students were selected to receive tuition and accommodation support from the municipality:

  • Eric Qondani – pursuing a Diploma in Office Administration at MUST Academy
  • Sango Majola – studying Urban and Regional Planning at Durban University of Technology
  • Zimkhitha Mabhongoza – enrolled in an Advanced Diploma in Management at Walter Sisulu University
  • Lisakhanya Mbandazayo – pursuing Art & Design at Lovedale TVET College 
Student Testimonial

Zimkhitha expressed heartfelt gratitude to MaxProf and EST-Sourcing, acknowledging that without their assistance, she would have been among of the 51% lacking financial means to pursue higher education.

A word from the Mayor

During the Executive Mayors address, Cllr Ntsangani extended his appreciation to MaxProf for their continued support. The Executive Mayor noted the second consecutive year of MaxProf providing bursaries to Amathole students, with an admirable contribution of R91 400 in 2022. He lauded their dedication to uplifting the community and stressed the significance of private sector participation in filling gaps left by insufficient public finances.

In his closing remarks, he commended MaxProf and EST-Sourcing, urging them to persist in their benevolent efforts.

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Written by Renusha Ramdas – EST-Sourcing CEO

Renusha Ramdas, CEO at EST-Sourcing, author of article titled 'MaxProf Support Education in Amathole'

Read this article and more on this link: CSI – MaxProf

Read this article and more on this link:

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MaxProf Supports Education in Amathole
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