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As part of our value-added services MaxProf provides skills transfer through training to our clients at no additional cost.

The aim of this training is to address opportunities for the client to equip themselves with the necessary skills to perform tasks long after MaxProf has completed a review. It is to leave people in a better condition than we found them in and to build a long-lasting relationship based on mutual growth and benefit. In our effort to bring more value to our customers, we formulated a training, tailor made for the public and private sector. Outlined in the course is the knowledge, awareness, and practical application of legislations such as Value-Added Tax Act No.89 of 1991, Tax Administration Act No.28 of 2011, legislations, regulations, and related rulings.

Different roles within an organisation can benefit from the training offered, these roles include employees in supply chain management position, expenditure, income, and capital projects, and many more within the procurement and finance departments, but can be extended to other functional areas within the workplace.

Over the years, we have discovered that employees who receive training have clarity on the subject matter, the origin of the involved legislature, and its purpose. Moreover, delegates can perform their roles and responsibilities more efficiently, have better understanding of the requirements within their roles and have improved employee satisfaction.

Skills transfer is an integral part of our business model, where teams of qualified VAT professionals have been tasked in identifying repetitive errors, asking questions, studying the documentation which may be indicative of a lack in knowledge and formulate learning plans to bridge this gap. We are confident that our training addresses shortfalls, provides increased productivity and adheres to high quality standards required by SARS and AG.

Although we know and understand the financial cost involved, it is the value we receive from providing free training that is more satisfactory. Our primary objective is to ensure that the needs of our stakeholders are met through both the provision of our services, as well as the complimentary value-added services we provide.

To find out more about the MaxProf Value-Added Training or to become our client, contact us on; Tel: 012 991 8966 or email: info@maxprof.co.za

Author: Lesiba Mphahlele

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