16 Jun

June 16, National Youth Day

When President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that schools were to re-open on 8 June 2020, it highlighted the importance of the COVID-19 readiness of schools in preparation for the learners’ return. Although the Department of Education provided public schools with COVID-19 items such as sanitizers and masks, more can still be done to ensure that our children are safe at school.

In commemoration of the 16 June 1976 Soweto Youth Uprising, for inclusion into a standardised and unbiased education system, MaxProf wanted to contribute to schools which represented our rainbow nation. The significance of this approach was to diversify the MaxProf CSR reach and serve children of all races. To achieve this, we contacted the District Head of Education, Ms. Martha Chisale, to inform MaxProf of multi-racial schools in the Pretoria area which required a helping hand. Ms. Chisale highlighted Laerskool Booysens in the Pretoria Central area with approximately 160 pupils. We then did further research and identified HTS Pretoria Tuine (68 students) close by and Fleur Primary School in Centurion (approximately 160 students) who were also accepting donations.

While adhering to the COVID-19 regulations and procedures, the MaxProf team set out on Monday, 15 June 2020 to deliver the COVID-19 packs to the selected schools. Each school received a 25l of sanitizer, protective three-layer face masks for pupils and stationery packs (with pencils, pens, erasers, rulers and glue).

One particularly heart-warming request came from Ms. Linda Nell, Principal at Laerskool Booysens. Ms. Nell requested a donation in lieu of the school’s feeding scheme in the form of tinned fish. She explained that she only had samp left over after assisting the children’s families with food during the lockdown period and that she only required a few tins to feed her pupils for the week. Heartbroken by the news, MaxProf offered to purchase a month’s worth of tinned fish which Ms. Nell explained was a favourite amongst her pupils. “We have a long queue for meals when the ladies are serving fish-and-samp for lunch”.

The genuine gratitude expressed by Principal Nell (Laerskool Booysens), Mr. Jacobs (Fleur Primary School) and Mr. Du Plessis (HTS Pretoria-Tuine) was heart-warming and motivates MaxProf to do even more in the coming months. It is a particularly tough time for matriculants who wish to obtain good marks that will enable them to further their tertiary education.

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