14 Mar

The Black Business Quarterly (BBQ) hosts an annual awards ceremony aimed at identifying and recognizing businesses, professionals, and public officials for the work they do towards enhancing black economic empowerment.

“The Awards encourage and promote sustainable black business and transformation through the recognition of good corporate governance, leadership and achievement”. ~ BBQ Magazine

As a company which is striving to enhance leadership and management within its organisation, we took this opportunity to contribute to the transformation of black-owned corporate South Africa. We worked together with BBQ to sponsor an award that recognised public sector leaders who went against the narrative of the quintessential “government worker” but rather demonstrated qualities which are reflective of the South Africa we all dream of. BBQ then identified Mr Panyaza Lesufi as a leader worthy of the title of the Maximum Profit Recovery Public Sector Visionary Award.

The evening was well organised, and we felt honoured to be among other successful companies and business moguls. Despite the threats of the nearing Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to network and recognise industry competitors. It was reassuring to know that we continue to operate in the same spaces, and we are still a worthy contender.

MaxProf staff at BBQ Awards evening.

Further to the above, BBQ graciously offered MaxProf an interview opportunity with our CEO – Mr Jakes Xulu who, through his extensive and diverse experience, also proved himself to be worth the acclamations.

We cannot wait to do it again next year, provided that the pandemic has subsided.

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