13 Nov

MaxProf, winners of a ‘Customer Focus Award’ at the 17th Annual National Business Awards

When MaxProf decided to enter the National Business Awards, we wanted to highlight the value that we provide to our multiple stakeholders at different stages of our operations.

Our employees

The MaxProf employment policies and procedures are in alignment with the current legislation to ensure effective application to our employees. The core focus is to ensure that the staff provide the best quality of service to our clients, and in return they get rewarded for it. Our approach is that if we take care of our staff, they will take care of our customers.

MaxProf has moved from BBBEE level 3 contributor in 2014 to a BBBEE level 2 in 2019. We have improved savings for our clients from 3 billion in 2014, 5 billion in 2017, to more than 7 billion in 2019. Our revenue has improved by more than 50% in the past 5 years.

MaxProf now employs 51 individuals, some of which have been a part of the company since its inception in 2001. We have maintained a low staff turnover and adopted more diverse skills development initiatives. The top management lead by example while playing a supportive role during each phase of an individual’s growth. This in turn cascades into improved confidence and better service delivery.

Our clients

MaxProf aims to contribute significantly, through its services, directly to its clients’ bottom-line profits. We offer a contingency based pricing model where clients do not get charged for services rendered if they have not been saved any money: No recovery = No fees charged!

As part of our value-added services, MaxProf provides post review training to its clients on a needs basis. We have trained more than 500 clients in the 2018/19 financial year free of charge. We provide our clients with access to an online portal where they can track the different stages of the completion of our work at their organization / municipality. Our internal IT department has also created a mobile app that allows clients to access the online portal while in transit or in the comfort of the homes.

MaxProf takes accountability of its work through its post delivery services;

  • Respond to Auditor General queries
  • Provide information to SARS should there be a subsequent audit relating to the work that we have performed
  • Assist our clients to prepare notes to the financial statements (VAT related) that are compliant with the applicable accounting standards
  • We prepare quarterly technical newsletters which assist clients in keeping abreast with the latest amendments in the VAT legislation and the impact thereof to their organisation.

The community

MaxProf is dedicated to improving the lives of the less fortunate through our continuous mayoral projects which address the issues in the communities in which MaxProf operates. This is in line with the king code of corporate governance.

We have committed ourselves to donating 1% of our revenue towards CSR projects. Since June 2019, a total of 500 school shoes have been donated through Mayoral projects in different municipalities across South Africa.

Since 2017, MaxProf has donated close to R4 million towards varied CSI projects ranging from contributing towards urban farming, donating school unform and shoes, sports equipment and uniforms, refurbishing worn out buildings and others.

In conclusion, MaxProf’s success lies in our Vision, Mission and our Company Values:

  • Vision:  To be the Market Leader through distinguished innovative solutions.
  • Mission: By Enhancing our expertise through Continuous Professional Development and Technological Advancements while continuing our commitment to Social Responsibility.
  • Values:  To embrace diversity and trust in our employees to deliver our specialized services with integrity, honesty and accountability while respecting each other through the process.

Clients choose us because we are a reputable company, with extensive experience, a genuine care for people and ability to deliver as promised.

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